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Hi I’m Annie, 25 years young and a full time Mother to my little girl. I have a huge passion for Fitness Coaching and being able to help women world wide experience this feeling with training and having nutritious meals that make you feel strong, confident and overall happy within. Aswell as a Fitness Trainer I am also qualified in Pre & Post Pregnancy programmes. Supporting women during their pregnancy from Trimester 1 right up until Trimester 3 and on your post natal journey. During this time of pregnancy It can sometimes make us worry about what we can and can’t do but as your coach I am here to help educate you in the best way possible and keep your body moving whilst feeling good.


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Over the past year Annie has taught me to become the best version of myself, I had such an awful mindset in regards to exercise and eating and she has flipped me around. I have gained weight and have learnt not to care I have grown my booty, toned my core and am the most confident I have ever been, she’s taught me the importance of rest, eating and exercising and I am eternally grateful. ❤️

Testimonial 1

I have followed Annie on social media for a while and always took inspiration from her and when we went into lockdown in 2020 she decided to start doing workouts and that’s where I fell in love with a whole new style of working out. The gym and working out is a massive thing for me it’s my escape from every day life and living alone and being without it hit me hard but training every day with Annie and the girls has completely changed me. Annie is the most kind, genuine and motivational coach, her workouts are fun, and I push myself in every single one. I have been working out with Annie a year now and I could not recommend it anymore. She is so much more than a coach it is a community, a family, and I’m so so grateful to be part of it x

Testimonial 2

The best thing I ever did. My main goal was to lose weight and I have honestly gained so much more than that. My mental and physical health has improved and my lifestyle Overall has changed for the better. I feel like a different person and just feel overall healthier and it is honestly all down to the support from Annie xxx

Testimonial 3

Joining Sweat and Shine has been the best decision I’ve ever made. This journey has made me mentally and physically strong, I feel confident, motivated and so great everyday. You have created an amazing community, you are such an amazing and inspiration to all women. Please come join our amazing team you will not regret it. Thank you so much Annie 🙏🏽 ❤️

Testimonial 4

I cannot recommend ‘sweat and shine’ enough. Physically and mentally stronger, I genuinely look forward to my workouts which sets me up for a positive day. Annie encourages me to push myself every single workout- her attitude and dedication to our training is like no other.

Testimonial 5

Sweat and Shine has completely changed my mindset over the past year. It has been a difficult year, stuck in a lockdown for the majority of it but I know I have developed my self confidence massively, not to mention the physical changes I can see and now my friends and family are noticing too! The team are so motivating and even if you feel like you can’t do a workout, they keep you going through the comments on the live videos. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, over and over, joining sweat and shine is the best decision I’ve ever made- there is so much choice and you can go back to do any workouts at any time! Annie is an amazing coach, she is so supportive and has created the most beautiful community of like minded people! I feel like I’m at a workout class but in the comfort of my own home and I could not recommend it enough! 💜💜💜💜💜

Testimonial 6

Fun, exciting & motivating community with an insane amount of workouts available. Best part is redoing your favourite workouts whenever you feel like it! A variety of workouts to choose from 10minute sweaty sessions to 50 minute slow and controlled!! So grateful for sweat and shine x

Testimonial 7

I joined sweat and shine 4 weeks ago after a friend had been telling me how good it was. I have done home workouts before that I couldn’t keep up with or didn’t have the equipment for so I was unsure initially. For my first session I just used bits and pieces I had around the house and I loved it!! The first 7 days was free anyway so I really had nothing to lose. Now I am a changed woman, I love my home workouts and Annie and the other coaches are so motivating and inspirational. The workouts fit in with everyday life and are so to follow. If you’re joining in live or catching up it’s never a chore! My whole outlook towards working out and sustaining a healthy lifestyle has changed with Annie’s help. I couldn’t recommend sweat and shine enough!

Testimonial 8

It sounds dramatic but the Sweat and Shine workouts really have changed my life and got me through lockdown. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been from a strength perspective, which has really helped my mental health. I used to hate working out now it’s a case of wanting too! It’s all down to Annie and the team. Thank you!!

Testimonial 9

Annie! Sweat and shine is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself, I’ve been following your journey since day 1 and youre a REAL PERSON and you show that very clearly while coaching. You don’t give the team unrealistic expectations, such as ‘how much you should weigh’ or ‘ you have to look like this to feel better about yourself’. You’re the most determined person I’ve ever met and a real inspiration. The way you push positivism and mindset and lifestyle, it really makes a difference in my outlook to train and move my body. I could go on 🤭

Testimonial 10

Hey Annie, I haven’t been a member for too long but I can’t tell you enough how much I appreciate the platform, I’ve gained so much more confidence mentally and I’m in my happiest place right now! Ur energy gets me up and on the lives and I enjoy every second of them, keeping doing what your doing because ur making such a positive difference to so many Thank you! ❤️

Testimonial 11

Hiya, would just love to say how much I love sweat and shine! It has honestly changed my life, being in lockdown I felt so anxious about not being able to go the gym but this page has transformed my mindset! It’s kept me motivated and Annie’s energy is incredible! She is an amazing coach and I would highly recommend the page!

Testimonial 12

I have always been a very active person and since falling pregnant during lockdown I was a little lost not knowing what I should / shouldn’t be doing. Joining the team and having Annie leading the sessions while pregnant herself filled me with so much confidence and knowledge to be able to keep myself fit and healthy during my pregnancy. I look forward to the weekly time tables and I am excited to have Annie put me through my paces after my baby girl arrives 🥰

Testimonial 13

Sweatshineteam workouts are now the best part of my day, I wake up every morning feeling ready to work hard and make progress. Annie is the best coach I have come across and the team of girls are so inspiring xx

Testimonial 14

This has honestly changed my life and given me a proper routine to follow. I’ve learnt more doing home workouts than I did in the gym. And can’t forget Annie’s motivation, it keeps me goinggggg!!! Xxxx

Testimonial 15

Joining sweat and shine is one of the best things I have done. Sweat and shine brings me routine and motivation and I just love being a part of it. Annie is the most amazing coach and all her sessions are fab

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