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Live workouts

with Annie Ramage

For £20 per month

Annie has been teaching LIVE workouts on her Instagram page every day since the UK went into lockdown (March 2020) and has built a great community.

Annie is not only helping change peoples physique but also helping people boost their confidence and feel strong within themselves. This community is here to help us connect with so many people across the world and share our tips and tricks with one another.

What is it

As part of Workout With Annie Live, you will gain access to 5 live workouts a week. All of these workouts will be saved on the Instagram page, this way where ever you are in the world you can always train with Annie and still feel like you are training with the team.

The classes are ideal for everyone, sometimes we can lose motivation or feel stuck and want to workout with friends. The energy is always there on the LIVE workouts (great music, great people).

What’s included :

5 Live Workouts A Week (saved on the feed)
Stretching Videos (+ live sessions of stretching)
Extra Workout Videos on the feed
Q + A ‘s with Annie
Motivational speeches / Tips and Tricks

£20 a month Subscription fee, you can cancel at any time. If you choose to cancel you will no longer be able to access the private platform.

Normally you would pay £20 an hour in a gym to train with Annie but you will be paying as little as £1 a session.

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